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Eddie Smith - Microlight Cambodia

Eddie Smith – Microlight Cambodia

Your Microlight Aircraft pilot Eddie Smith with 30 years of experience has over 4000 hours of flying time in Cambodia. Eddie who first came to Cambodia more than 12 years ago started flying archaeologists, hydrologists and geologists studying the temples but now welcomes people from around the globe. An experienced pilot, Eddie has flown over 7000 passengers. Eddie has flown for the World Wildlife Fund, Animal Planet & National Geographic.

Our smallest journey flies to the Rolous Group and circles around. Our largest journey flies around several temples and a floating village. We don’t fly over the temples as Apsara Authority and Unesco are very clear that no one is to fly over temples or pagoda’s as it is disrespectful. We are however permitted to fly 250 meters around the Angkor temples and 1km around Angkor Wat. We fly up to 1500 feet or 500 meters.

The aircraft fly’s about 100 – 110km an hour and is very quiet as it has a small enclosed motor. It also has a special propeller and two mufflers to quieten the engine.

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